Prattsville, a town of about 10,000 people, is located in a rich agricultural region. It was named for Susanna’s and Charley’s great, great, great grandfather—Andrew Josiah Pratt—who was one of the town’s early settlers, as well as the first postmaster. The Courthouse, located in the middle of town, is surrounded by small businesses—cafes, gift shops and antique stores. This area is referred to as the Courthouse Square. Prattsville is oftentimes called “neighborly,” because most people who live in Prattsville know their neighbors and enjoy visiting with them.

The weather in Prattsville is generally mild in the winter—there have been several years that the temperature never dropped below freezing. The summer, which lasts around five months, is usually hot. That’s why the city swimming pool is one of the most popular spots in town.

Prattsville is only 50 miles from a large city that offers a zoo, museums, theaters, and sports teams. Thirty-five miles from Prattsville is the ocean, a popular destination for swimming, beachcombing and picnics.

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