Susanna is a 4th-grader who likes music, art and dancing. She is a good student and does especially well in reading and spelling. She is also a 4-H member, and she enjoys making crafts for the County Fair. Susanna has one brother—Charley—who is in the 2nd grade. Her best pal is Scout, a chocolate Labrador retriever.


Charley is Susanna's younger brother, a 2nd-grader at the same school she attends—Prattsville Elementary. Charley's hobbies are skateboarding, bike riding, and collecting arrowheads. As a first year 4-H member, Charley enjoys working with his pig that he's raising for the County Fair. He also likes sharing adventures with Scout and Susanna.

Mr. Pratt

Mr. Pratt is Susanna's and Charley's dad. He grew up in Prattsville, went away to college and then moved back to become an accountant at the bank. He sometimes plays golf, but his favorite activities are growing vegetables and raising a small herd of cows at the family farm.

Mrs. Pratt

Mrs. Pratt is Susanna’s and Charley’s mother. She works part-time as a reading tutor at the school and at the city library, and she also plays the piano at church. She enjoys cooking and trying new recipes for her family.


Scout, a chocolate Labrador retriever, was Susanna's Christmas gift a couple of years ago. She is lovable and helpful, and she makes friends wherever she goes. Scout likes swimming in the creek, going to the family farm and getting an occasional ice cream cone. What she loves best, though, is being with Susanna and Charley.


Gracie, also a 4th-grader, is Susanna's best friend. Like Susanna, Gracie enjoys dancing, art and playing with her dog. She and Susanna like to have slumber parties with their other friends.

Mr. Barker

Mr. Barker is the owner of Barker's Feed Store, a business that carries hundreds of interesting items. He likes to talk and visit with his customers, especially the children and dogs. Whenever there is a problem, it seems that Mr. Barker has the answer.

Miss Sheila

Miss Sheila, a local dance instructor, has been dancing since she was a child. There's not a dance that she can't perform, and she knows how to bring out the best in every student. She also works with the high school drill team.

Mr. Burlon

Mr. Burlon, a jovial man with dark hair and a dark beard, is a local artist and art teacher. He teaches art appreciation, as well as drawing, painting and sculpting. He is also a writer, and he designs and makes historical costumes.

Archibald Sleazer

Archibald Sleazer is a thief who has an encounter with Scout at the Museum of Fine Arts. Although he tries to disguise himself so he won't get caught, he can't fool Scout.

Miss Virginia

Miss Virginia, a petite lady with a southern drawl, is the curator and tour guide at the Museum of Fine Arts in the nearby city. She is knowledgeable about every piece of art in the museum and loves sharing her knowledge with visitors.

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